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Listening to a playlist of Sufjan’s Christmas music —> “Christmas Unicorn” comes on —> urge to listen to Joy Division develops —> listening to Unknown Pleasures instead of Christmas music. I’m developing a weird seasonal music association.



Email brycedessnertickets@gmail.com for a chance to win tickets to the Kronos Quartet 40th Birthday Concert this coming Saturday in Berkeley, CA. Bryce will be playing guitar during Kronos’ performance of Aheym. There are still a few tickets available for purchase here.

On a personal note — if you do attend this, I would really appreciate audio or video of that Aheym situation. :)

So I just won these tickets! I can’t quite believe it. Jaime, I owe you hugs and many beers! :)

Oooh, lucky you! Jherek Bischoff is going to be there, too.

8,817 plays
The Velvet Underground,
The Velvet Underground & Nico

The soundtrack to my explorations of New York City as a recently arrived 18-year-old.

Bit of a transplant cliché, perhaps. But magical nonetheless.

I am up waaaay too late for a Monday night Tuesday morning. Because of the post-opera comedown.

Oh, Nico.

There needs to be Tumblr Savior for the entire internet. I’d enjoy browsing more if I could hide click-bait, all mentions of “life hacks,” funny GIFs from a TV show that don’t identify the show, each and every comments section, most reviews, and the grumpy “I don’t like that” comments that people make in response to their friends writing about things they like on Facebook.

Edited to add: pictures of Ted Cruz.



Everyone stop what you are doing and go read Nico’s Reddit AMA.

foamhands: Are you and Sufjan dating?

nicomuhly: She wish.

Tomorrow at LPR! I am so tempted to stay for the late show too…

I’ll be there! Messaging you in a bit.

Everyone stop what you are doing and go read Nico’s Reddit AMA.

foamhands: Are you and Sufjan dating?

nicomuhly: She wish.

Did anyone else just watch that weird-ass post-SNL Arcade Fire special?

What was that? Why didn’t I record it? Why was I not invited to the taping? What was that horror film thing? Was that a Dessner, briefly? Most importantly, can I pull off Sarah Neufeld’s haircut in a professional setting?


This is beautiful. (by newyorkcityballet)


San Fermin, 9/20/13. Can I just live at LPR, please?

How cool would it be to live in one of the apartments above LPR?

"Welp, dishes are done and leftovers put away. Maybe I’ll see what’s on TV, or…nah, I’ll just go downstairs and see a concert."

Crazy people. After enduring July and August in Arkansas (a feat not for the faint of heart), no one around here regrets the end of summer. Bring on the scarves!

The thing is, having lived both in the South and in NYC myself, I honestly can’t say that summer in one of those places is any better than it is in the other, so people here really are crazy for not saying “good riddance” to summer as the Southerners do. Both places are hot and unbearably humid, both cause you to be sweaty and gross, and both are full of bugs, including the biting kinds. Ew.

I suppose that they’re mourning the summer because winter can be harsh up here, and people know that it’ll be here soon, and they prefer hot weather to cold. But they should reserve their dislike of winter for actual winter, not its predecessor. Fall is lovely! I walked something like 40 blocks last night, just because it was so nice out. :)

I don’t know what it is about this particular September, because it’s not especially chilly, but every one of my local acquaintances (close friends excluded) has been mourning the end of summer on Facebook as if there will be never be another summer after this year, despite the utter gorgeousness of the weather (70 degrees and sunny!) at this moment.

People. Honestly. You should all be actively looking forward to the return of the cultural season, your scarf collections, weather that is actually comfortable and doesn’t force you to shower three times daily, the way brownstone Brooklyn looks on an overcast day when there are crunchy leaves on the ground, and men wearing long trousers. If you’re not, I’m revoking your New Yorker cards. Go. You are banished to Florida.

Hope you will reblog it!

Whoops! I should’ve been more clear. It’s in the blogger’s column on Mommyish, so it’s not rebloggable, but it’s here.

And this just might be my favorite.

Last night’s daddyjacking has been submitted to STFU Parents, not by me, but by another friend of my friend. Heh.

Someone has just mommyjacked my friend’s 9/11 remembrance on Facebook. (Or, more accurately, daddyjacked it.) I know that of course people do this shit, because obviously STFU Parents has lots of material, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in the wild. It’s like encountering a rare animal. Idiotus Insensitivus.

Screencapping now, deciding whether to submit later…