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Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Here, by Sarah Kirkland Snider, with lyrics by Nathaniel Bellows. Performed by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus at Roulette, March 24, 2012. Conducted by Dianne Berkun.

Lyrics from the program:

Where was I the day
I finally found my place?
When was it that place
Became home?

What hand, what open arms
Welcomed who I was
What part of me burst open
Like a song?

Here, Here
Hear the way the sound
Blooms and blossoms out
A tune, a song, a shout
A siren
Bring Near
A world I’ve never seen
The strangers, strange to me
The chance to somehow be

On every block and street
Our varied family
A charity we keep
To guide us

Our voices are the bond
As tender as they’re strong
A secret all our own
Inside us

But for every joy I see
A shadow falls on me
The hollow feeling cannot be
What’s needed is the two
The gold, the deepest blue
The sun and now the moon

Here, Here
Hear the air, the breath
That loosens all duress
Truth will raise its head
To meet it
Bring Near
The confident and well
The strength within ourselves
Which rings out like a bell
When we believe it

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