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And here we go. April 20, Littlefield, Brooklyn. Gaspar Claus and special guests. A wild Sufjan appeared.

I bought a ticket to a concert, and they threw in a free ticket to the gun show. I was really quite concerned that Sufjan was going to raise his arms and rip his shirt right down the middle. (Actually, “concerned” is not the right word.)

During the last song, one of the guest performers, an experimental artist, blindfolded everyone else and “conducted” the piece by walking around the stage, sneaking up on each musician, and tapping their shoulders to indicate when they should start and stop playing. (Gaspar described it as being like a Fluxus piece.) Sufjan squirmed when tapped, and he seemed to either be a bit tickled by the whole blindfold concept, or literally ticklish, or both. I didn’t manage to capture it on camera, but he broke out into a big, goofy grin for a portion of the piece and actually giggled out loud at one point, and I got it (and the audience laughing in response) on the recording, which actually turned out great.

I’m running out of time to get stuff done today, but there’s more where this came from. Another, less Sufjan-centric photo set to follow in a little while, and then the cleaned-up recording.

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    "Concerned" dude that’s when you say “I’ll help protect your modesty Suf” and wrap yourself around him like an octopus
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    I’m surprised this hasn’t been posted yet look at them ahaha
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    That is really creepy. Just tell them to close their eyes.
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