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Nadia: Up next we have a piece by Annie Clark, who records as—
Rob and CJ: *cough* RADIO. *ahem* RADIO.
Nadia: Sorry, guys! (to the audience) I’m a radio announcer. “You have been listening to Q2…”

Fun show this evening! I haven’t seen the full, original yMusic line-up since the first time I saw them, at the All Things Will Unwind album release show, so it was nice to see them tonight with no substitutes. Not that the substitutes aren’t usually terrific.

Even if you have to hitchhike to New York City for the show, put yMusic on your list of acts to see live. They make gorgeous noise. “Proven Badlands” and “A Paper, a Pen, a Note to a Friend” were far bolder and brassier than their recordings tonight, and the new Norman piece (“Music in Circles,” according to Rob’s sheet music) was pleasantly weird in places, built up dramatically, and started and ended with a whisper from Nadia’s viola. Can’t wait to hear that one again.

Love this ensemble. They rock. In the way that rock bands rock. Hell, they rock more than some rock bands rock.

Really sorry that I couldn’t stick around for No BS! Brass, but I need to put a bag of frozen peas on my head and go to sleep. (They perform around NYC all the time, so I’m sure I’ll catch them soon.)

  1. franiefroufrou said: hope your head feels better soon
  2. aspirationsandthings said: Ahhh. So jealous. I just love them so much and I wish they would tour this stuff fully. Or just come to St. Louis or Chicago. either one would be fine by me.
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