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A few photos from last night’s My Brightest Diamond concert at the Bowery Ballroom. They’re not the greatest photos I’ve ever taken, but in my defense, I was rarely standing still long enough to take a photo (and neither was Shara). I don’t get to say this about New York audiences very often, so I’m very pleased to report that last night’s audience was terrific. Everyone was dancing in place — respectfully! no personal space violations! — and no one talked during the songs. It was marvelous.

As a matter of fact, I was in the company of a new friend, who I’d met at another gig a few months ago and have since discovered is a huge MBD fan, and every time we tried to say something to each other between songs, we practically had to whisper, because once the applause died down, everyone immediately fell quiet for the next song, while Shara was tuning or picking up another instrument or putting on her hard hat. “Oh my god,” said my friend at one point, “this audience is so reverent. I feel like we’re at church.”

"I think we are," I said.

The crowd was so respectful and so appreciative that Shara got a little emotional at one point and said that she misses New York. But then she played some rockin’ guitar and danced around and all was well.

She played a great set, with an emphasis on the dramatic (“Be Brave,” “Magic Rabbit,” “Dragonfly”) and the danceable (“Reaching Through to the Other Side,” “Apples”). There were also three new songs, none of which I recognized from her set at ATP, and they were all lovely and tended to be a bit softer than the rest of the set — a contrast from the other new songs I’ve heard, which were punchier. Her next release is going to be fabulous.

Great night! Looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow at the Ecstatic Music Festival kick-off (which will be streamed).

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